The International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT 2017 will soon be launched!

The festival will last from April to October 2017 and will take in  events in different parts of the world. Video-recordings of these will be shared via this Festival website.

Confirmed festival events

6 April – Symposium on ‘Teacher-research for difficult circumstances’ at the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow. (Presenters: Harry Kuchah, Paula Rebolledo & Richard Smith, Annamaria Pinter, Asli Saglam, Michelle Evans) about various teacher-research mentoring projects, in Nepal, India, Cameroon, Chile and the Jan.–Feb. (worldwide) Electronic Village Online (EVO)

15 AprilFinal teacher-research presentations by participants in the TESOL EVO on classroom-based research for professional development (webinar) – Presentations online by EVO participants. 

6 May – ‘Teachers Research! Buenos Aires 2017’ conference, Argentina

 2–3 June – Teachers Research! Istanbul 2017′ conference, Turkey

July (date to be confirmed) – Symposium on Exploratory Practice at the AILA World Congress, Brazil, led by Ines K. Miller

 August (to be confirmed) – Plenary on teacher association research (by teachers connected with the Teacher Association initiative supported in its initial stages by IATEFL Research SIG), CAMELTA conference, Cameroon

 14–16 September – AINET conference on teacher-research, India.

October (date to be confirmed) – Final round-table event (webinar)

Potentially, further events will be brought under the Festival umbrella.


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