Coming up: final presentations by participants in Classroom-based research EVO (Electronic Village Online), 15 April 1500 GMT

All are welcome to join us online to hear the presentations on Saturday 15 April at 15:00 GMT (time where you are here):

Introduction – Richard Smith, Aslı Sağlam, Kenan Dikilitaş
0. Asli Saglam will present an evaluation of the EVO
1. Sidney Martin Mota (Spain)
2. Sonika Gupta (India)
3. Alina Stangret (Ukraine)
4. Gakul Thapaliya (Nepal)
5. Al Rawahi Abdullah (Oman)
6. Manjusha Sagrolikar (India)
7. Mary Sunanda (India)

The venue? IATEFL Research SIG’s Adobe Connect meeting room! Just click and you will be able to hear more about the EVO and to hear the presentations! Hope to see you there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Further background: Asli Saglam and Michelle Evans gave a very good overview of this year’s (January-February) TESOL CALL-IS Electronic Village Online (EVO) sessions for Classroom-based Research, in their presentation at the recent IATEFL conference in Glasgow and associated interview for IATEFL Online. Further information about the five-week-long EVO can be found here:

The sessions themselves are over, but the organizers wanted to give a presentation opportunity to some more of those who participated. Accordingly, this extra presentations session has been arranged, and this will be the second event for the International Festival of Teacher-research. Here are some of the outcomes already shared at the previous round-up event in February.



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