First two events of the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT complete: taking stock

Today we had the second event of the Festival: the final, final round-up session (featuring participant presentations) for a (Jan.-Feb.) TESOL CALL-IS  Electronic Village Online on Classroom-based research . Though there were some technical difficulties with connections, we heard some really good presentations from as far afield as India, Nepal, Oman, Ukraine and Spain. A YouTube playlist of video-recordings from the event is available here.

Alternatively, you can watch the presentations one by one, starting with this one:

1. Richard Smith Introduction and Asli Saglam  – What impact has the EVO had so far?


Then going on to:
2. Alina Sangret (Ukraine)
3. Sonika Gupta (India)
4. Sidney Martin Mota (Spain)
5. Abdullah Al Rwahi (Oman)
6. Manjusha Sagrolikar (India)
7. Ghokal Thapaliya (Nepal)
8. Asli Saglam – final words

Thank you to all the presenters and apologies for technical difficulties! We could still hear some really good presentations though!!

This followed on from a Symposium on Teacher-research for Difficult Circumstances at the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow at the beginning of April, which constituted the Festival’s launch area.

We managed to record this event, too, and individual presentations can be viewed here:

There is also an interview with Michelle Evans and Asli Saglam about their talk in the Symposium here:


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