2-3 June: ‘Teachers Research! Istanbul 2017’

UNI Instanbul

This two-day conference is the sixth event in the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT 2017. It is taking place at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul  on 2–3 June 2017. This event is the third annual  ‘Teachers Research!’ conference to be held in Turkey.

Programme of presentations and abstract booklet

This will be IATEFL Research SIG‘s third annual conference in Turkey for practitioner researchers and those mentoring teacher-research. The primary goal of the conference is to bring together teacher-researchers across Turkey and beyond to support the growing international movement of teachers as researchers and knowledge creators for themselves, their students and their schools.

This conference is participant-centred, with teachers being viewed as at the centre of knowledge construction rather than the ‘receivers’ of expert knowledge. The format of the conference promotes interaction among presenters and listeners by allowing ample discussion time after brief presentations of studies. In this way, teachers are encouraged to communicate their ideas, and to get and give feedback freely.

For the second year in a row, the event will be held at Bahçeşehir University, whose mission is to contribute to teacher development in Turkey.

Scientific and organizing committees

This year the plenary speakers are:

Gary Barkhuizen, University of Auckland, New Zealand – Teacher identities, short stories, and teacher research: Tangled up in blue

Anne Burns, University of New South Wales, Australia – Supporting teachers to do practitioner research: Some lessons learned and some questions to consider

Flávia Vieira, Universidade do Minho, Portugal – Pedagogical inquiry in initial teacher education: transformative potential and critical issues

There will also be invited workshops, led by:

  • Gary Barkhuizen – Narrative inquiry for language teaching research
  • Anne Burns – Analysing qualitative data in action research
  • Cem Can and Kenan Dikilitaş – Developing corpus of our studentsevidence for understanding and action
  • Carol Griffiths – Writing up your teacher-research and getting it published
  • Olcay Sert – Video Enhanced Observation and teacher research
  • Richard Smith & Claudia Bustos Moraga – Exploratoryaction research for professional development
  • Flávia Vieira – Pedagogical inquiry in initial teacher education: setting an agenda for reflection and action
  • Mark Wyatt – Getting to understand our students better through qualitative research

Previous conferences have resulted in two IATEFL ReSIG publications:

Teacher-researchers in Action, edited by Kenan Dikilitas, Richard Smith and Wayne Trotman (2015)

Teachers Engaging in Research, edited by Kenan Dikilitas, Mark Wyatt, Judith Hands and Deborah Bullock (2016)

A book arising from last year’s conference will be launched on 2 June:

Developing Insights into Teacher-research, edited by Anne Burns, Kenan Dikilitas, Richard Smith and Mark Wyatt (2017)

 We’ll be tweeting about the event from @trfestiva using #tresearch



One thought on “2-3 June: ‘Teachers Research! Istanbul 2017’

  1. Hi Everyone, I’ve just gone through the papers on the menu for Istanbul and feel moved. I can’t wait getting the videos. Flávia, may I ask to have some details on your paper, please? I am brainstorming on a one-day event to get members of the CAMELTA Research Group (essentially made up of practitioners) interact with my first year teacher trainees. I have the feelings that your paper will help me seriously if I got it well, from the title. I don’t mind getting you (and any other well wisher) contribute through Facebook. I wonder if you’d be pleased to discuss more on this with me. Looking forward! Eric


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