All Festival Events

1) 6 April, 2017 – Symposium on ‘Teacher-research for difficult circumstances’ at the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow, about various teacher-research mentoring projects, in Nepal, India, Cameroon, Chile and the Jan.–Feb. (worldwide) Electronic Village Online (EVO).

2) 15 April, 2017 – TESOL International Association EVO on classroom-based research for professional development’ webinar – Final teacher-research presentations by participants. Presentations online by EVO participants.

3) 5 May, 2017 – APIBA Workshop: Acting for Understanding: Exploratory Practice, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4) 6 May, 2017 – British Council Aptis for Teachers / APIBA / FAAPI conference:  Teachers Research! Buenos Aires 2017, Argentina.

5) 8 May, 2017 – Exploratory Action Research for professional development: Workshop at Instituto no. 97 in La Plata, Argentina.

6) 2–3 June, 2017 – IATEFL Research SIG conference: Teachers Research! Istanbul 2017Bahçeşehir University, Turkey.

7) 14 July, 2017 – IATEFL Research SIG online conversation about new books on teacher-research

8) 26 July, 2017 – Discussion event: “Voices from Initial and Continuing Teacher Education: an Exploratory Practice Discussion”, PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9) 27 July, 2017 – Symposium on ‘Potentially exploitable pedagogic or reflective activities’ featuring members of the Rio Exploratory Practice Group,  AILA Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

10) 14–15 September, 2017 – All-India Network of English Teachers (AINET) conference on teacher-research, Nagpur, India

11) 18–21 September, 2017 – Introduction to Exploratory Action Research in ELT, Gauhati University, Assam, India

12) 21 September, 2017 – English Australia/Cambridge Action Research in ELICOS Program Colloquium,  English Australia conference, Adelaide, Australia.

13) 13 January – 17 February, 2018 TESOL CALL- IS Electronic Village Online, ‘Classroom-based research for professional development’. A free online five-week introduction to practitioner research.

14) 24 January, 2018 – Getting Started with Action Research. IATEFL Research SIG webinar by Emily Edwards.

15) 28 February, 2018 – Exploratory Practice: integrating research and pedagogy in English for Academic Purposes. IATEFL Research SIG webinar by Judith Hanks

16) 11 March, 2018 – Final mela of the British Council Aptis Action Research Award Scheme (AARMS), India. Ambedkar University,, Delhi.

17) 24 March 2018 – Final, online presentations by participants in the 2018 Electronic Village Online on Classroom-based Research for Professional Development. Recording available here:

18) 7 April 2018 – Where next for teacher-research? (online panel discussion). The line-up of speakers included Harry Kuchah, Melba Libia Cardenas, Amy Lightfoot, Richard Smith and Daniel Xerri. This panel discussion marked the end of the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT.