18–21 September – Introduction to Exploratory Action Research in ELT, Gauhati University, Assam, India

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Amol Padwad and Richard Smith led this 4-day workshop to introduce teachers of English and teacher educators in Assam, India, to the principles and practices of exploratory action research.

Here are two videos of final presentations of teacher-research plans, with accompanying photos of posters. First of all, Anharag Bhuyan’s poster and video of conversation around it:

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Next, discussion of Pranjana Kalita Nath’s teacher-research plan followed by an informal interview with Navasmita Das about hers (a slide show of their posters is further below):

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Through this four day workshop, the Department of ELT at Gauhati University hoped to support English language teachers

  • in taking up exploratory classroom research that will give them a better understanding of their teaching and learning contexts
  • by providing them a platform to conduct, share and learn from meaningful classroom research
  • to use the experience and insights gained in the workshop to support and mentor their colleagues in conducting E-AR in their own contexts,
  • to use the experience to improve the quality of student learning, and
  • to contribute effectively to research in the wider field of ELT

A fuller report by Prof. Padmini Boruah, on the IATEFL Teacher Development SIG website, is also available.

The workshop will be followed up with mentoring and other support by volunteers from AINET, the All-India Network of English Teachers, and by the Department of ELT, Gauhati University, with a further get-together of teachers and teacher educators planned for the end of November.

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Date Day Morning Afternoon
    10:00–11.30 11.30–1:00 2:00–3:30 3.30–5:00
18.09.2017 Mon. (Day 1) Inaugural session Ice-breaking and introduction(RS & AP) Research, teacher-research and exploratory action research (RS & AP)
19.09.2017 Tues. (Day 2) From successes, puzzles and problems to research questions (RS & AP)
20.09.2017 Wed. (Day 3) From questions to data collection  (RS & AP)
21.09.2017 Thu. (Day 4) Sharing plans for exploratory action research (RS & AP)

This event was generously supported by the All-India Network of English Teachers (AINET),  IATEFL Teacher Development SIG, British Council India, and by a University of Warwick / Economic and Social Science Research Council (UK) Impact Acceleration Award.