5 May 2017 – APIBA workshop on Exploratory Practice, Buenos Aires

Workshop: ‘Acting for Understanding: Exploratory Practice’, with Inés Kayon de Miller and Maria Isabel (Bebel) Azevedo Cunha 

Workshop organized by APIBA, Salón de Conferencias, IES Juan Ramón Fernández, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina APIBA

Inés introduces the workshop and the workshop aims here (scroll down for session handouts):


The session handout is here (4 pages):

Bebel shared some of the puzzles generated by participants:

[This is all the video we were able to record, unfortunately.]

Here are snapshots of participants discussing for activities on the handout:

About the workshop leaders

Inés Kayon de Miller is Associate Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Brazil. Her research interests focus on the professional reflection of teachers, teacher educators and consultants. As a core member of the Exploratory Practice Group in Rio (Rio EPGroup), she has been actively engaged in the development and dissemination of Exploratory Practice. E-mail: inesmiller@hotmail.com

Maria Isabel (Bebel) Azevedo Cunha teaches Portuguese and English and has acted as language teaching consultant to schools and NGOs. She coordinates the Curso de Especialização em Língua Inglesa (English Language Diploma Level Course) at PUC-Rio and has been working with the Rio de Janeiro Exploratory Practice Group in the development of practitioner research. E-mail: bebel54@gmail.com.

Bebel and Inés with some of the workshop organizers and participants