21 September – 2017 Action Research in ELICOS Colloquium, English Australia Conference, Adelaide

2017 Action Research in ELICOS Colloquium: Teaching, learning and assessing listening

Written summary of the 2017 program and projects

11:00am – 12:40pm, Thursday 21 September, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel, Adelaide

This year English Australia, in partnership with Cambridge English Language Assessment and with the support of key reference person Anne Burns, marks the eighth year of the Action Research in ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) Program.

In the program teachers are given guidance on how to set up an action research project in their own class, and supported to implement that project over six months. They attend workshops and communicate with the program leaders throughout that time. At the end of the program they present the outcomes of their research in a number of ways, including a presentation at the annual English Australia Conference.

To date, seventy-five teachers from around Australia have participated in the program. You can find details of previous programs together with links to research articles published in Research Notes 44, 48, 53, 56, 60, 64 and 67:   www.cambridgeenglish.org/research-notes/  

In 2017, nine teachers from around Australia worked on six projects related to the theme of Teaching, learning and assessing listening. In the colloquium at the English Australia conference, following a brief introduction to the program, the theme and to action research by Anne Burns and Sophie O’Keefe, the teachers who participated each presented a brief outline of the main findings of their research.

2017 AR group resized
2017 Action Research Program participants: (back) Geoff Larsen, Ashley Carmody, Julia Gibbons, Ramesh Presser, Penny Podimatopoulos, Sharn Hammond, An Sneyers; (front) Melissa Oldroyd, Professor Anne Burns (key reference person), Sophie O’Keefe (English Australia) and Keren Stead Bomfim

Colloquium presenters:

Professor Anne Burns, University of NSW;

Sophie O’Keefe, Professional Development Manager, English Australia;

& the 2017 Action Research Program participants:

Ashley Carmody & Ramesh Presser, La Trobe Melbourne;

Julia Gibbons, UTS:INSEARCH;

Sharn Hammond & Penny Podimatopoulos, University of Wollongong College;

Geoff Larsen, Kaplan International English, Sydney;

An Sneyers & Melissa Oldroyd, Monash College and

Keren Stead Bomfim, Centre for English Teaching, the University of Sydney.

This year’s projects explored the following themes:

  • How mobile based technologies influence the teaching of listening and student engagement in listening tasks;
  • Comparing the outcomes of student controlled and teacher controlled intensive listening tasks;
  • SIP and Listen: How does raising awareness of Stress, Intonation and Pausing affect listening skills?;
  • Exploring the effects of metacognitive and grammatical awareness on students’ listening of short bursts of speech;
  • Using active listening skills to improve listening comprehension in expository discussions; and
  • How can teaching phonemic awareness impact on students’ listening (& note-taking) skills?

Further info here: https://www.englishaustralia.com.au/action-research-program